Hold onto your hard hat. It’s likely you’re charging less than you need to. In other words, all this time, you could have been charging more. Let’s look closer. Are you guilty of making any of these statements?

  1. “The customer’s new, I’ll discount the first job and charge the full whack next time.” 

  2. “As this is a referral, I really should drop my price by the same percentage.” 

  3. “If it means keeping every in work, I’ll quote cheaper to win the job.”

  4. “I reckon I know the going rate for this type of work, I’ll quote the same.”

If not 1, 2 or 3 – surely you’ve used number 4!? It’s time to stop making assumptions, and take the speculation out of estimating! After all, are you sure you do know the ‘going rate’ and where will undercutting get you? Charge what the job is worth and you’ll be amazed at the outcome.

So do you want to make a higher profit by managing your construction company better? Follow our tips in this guide.