Let the HBXL Estimate Service produce your building estimate and help ensure you win the work!

HBXL Estimate Service users find they win more work when they have a building estimate produced by one of our expert building specialists. A recent survey revealed that our users win 53% of the jobs we produce for them.

Why our users win more work?

There are many reasons why our users win more work when they have a building estimate produced by us.


The first being the level of professionalism our estimates, reports, schedules and more demonstrate. Presenting a complete pack of quality documents and being able to convey in detail all the costing and where the clients’ money is going to be spent and encourages a better, more positive and ultimately more trustworthy relationship between the builder and client.

This is vital for the customer to make the step towards choosing your service as well as the obvious advantage of supporting the fact that you will produce quality work if you already have a quality building estimate and range of reports.


Another reason our users find they can win more jobs is due to the speed of our turnaround. It is of ever increasing importance that a building firm is able to get quotes out quickly in order to beat the competition. This is coupled by the need for accuracy. One is useless without the other and due to HBXL’s powerful EstimatorXpress estimating software our building experts can ensure 100% accuracy every time, with everything considered down to the last screw AND a rapid turnaround (usually 3-4 days for smaller jobs 7-10 for larger).

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