Are you charging enough for your Construction Pricing?

The HBXL Estimating Service is here to help. Construction Pricing is our speciality and we use a combination of over 80 years of experience and live updated software to price up our projects. We use prices that are updated from merchants Tradepoint and Jewson to ensure our material prices are spot on.

Don’t trade with these guys? Alternatively we can use Builderwarehouse rates of buyable building materials so you can be sure your estimate is totally up to date with latest prices.

Personal Service

What sets us apart from other construction pricing services is that we are ex-builder developers that you can talk directly to! We’re not a faceless screen or an automated message. You will get a building specialist to work through your project with you to ensure you get the best quality service. A company built by builders for builders!

Going the extra mile

Tell us your anticipated project start date and we’ll even provide you with a suggested build programme, and we include a schedule of estimate assumptions we’ve made so you’re absolutely clear on what’s been included in your estimate.

We’ll also add client details so that your quote is ready to go as soon as you receive it.

We work with you, not for you

This one might sound like a strange distinction but we believe in working in partnership with our users.  So that you get the best service and we (hopefully) get you to come back. 93% of our users come back for another estimate because we provide quality work on a fast turnaround, understand what builders and developers want and need and ultimately we’re a friendly and helpful group. If there are some small changes to make at the end- we can often do this free of charge.

Get Started

Fill in the form below to get started by either booking a consultation or request a call back to chat about your project, or request a free sample pack. Or why not all three!