We get lots of enquiries from builders and other tradespeople who have been burnt by their software purchases in the past. And are looking for software from HBXL that delivers results rather than promises.

So if you’re struggling with any other estimating, CAD, accounts, health and safety or contracts software rather than let it sit on the shelf gathering dust. Now’s the time to switch to HBXL and make a huge saving with our Software Scrappage Scheme.

How does it work?

  1. At the time of, or before, ordering your software simply fax us details of your current software using the HBXL Software Scrappage Scheme Application Form SSS1 (PDF). And following the receipt of the faxback form you could instantly qualify to save 25% (and up to a maximum of £300) off your HBXL software purchase!Software Scrappage Scheme
  2. Once we have spent 5 minutes reviewing your form we will contact you to let you know how much you can save.
  3. You’ll be supplied with a unique code for ordering online with your discount. Or alternatively you can order over the phone on 0845 1234 065.

Why are HBXL operating a Software Scrappage Scheme?

Our Software Scrappage Scheme is a campaign we’ve set up to get builders using software again. Far too many of the builders we speak to won’t consider using any software. After paying £thousands for other software that is either corrupt, lacks decent technical support. As well as charging the earth for small updates, leaving you high and dry without any option for a manual or any training.

If this sounds like an experience you’ve had before then to lessen the financial burden of forking out twice for software we’ve set up this new Software Scrappage Scheme.

What will happen to my old software?

We will not ask you to send us the old software to scrap (you may even like it gathering dust!). But simply ask that you do so yourself in the most environmentally way possible.

What if I don’t have a receipt to prove I have the software?

If you don’t have a receipt from your old software purchase then call us on 0845 1234 065. And we can ask some questions to prove software ownership and arrange your discount.

Terms and Conditions
This offer is not available with any other offer, promotion or discount and only applies to EstimatorXpress (all editions), PlansXpress (all editions), Health & Safety Xpert and ContractsXpert. This offer cannot be used to redeem any money off the cost of CIA Lite. Because we act as resellers of this package. The Software Scrappage Scheme offer can only be used once per customer. To redeem as discoutn against a software purchase in September 2015.
Proof of ownership of the software you wish to trade in must be provided on the Scrappage Scheme Faxback form. Either by a way of a copy of the invoice or receipt. And delivery confirmation as a line item on a bank statement.  If none of these can be provided then we have other means to prove ownership. Just call 0845 1234 065 or email sales@hbxl.co.uk.
The offer is intended to run until 30th September 2015 but may be withdrawn by HBXL at any time. Once you have paid for and received your software from HBXL then regular Terms and Conditions and our Software Returns Policy apply.