Comera Energy specialises in the supply and installation of PV solar panels.

Installing a solar PV system is a great way to reduce your long-term energy costs while also reducing your carbon footprint. The systems are a valuable long-term investment, with a lifetime of 25 years and a payback period of 10-13 years. Comera Energy only uses high quality ‘Tier 1’ panels, inverters and mounting systems, which are guaranteed by product and performance warranties.

Comera Energy has over 10 years’ experience of working with Solar PV systems for residential and commercial clients. Their team will work closely with you from initial contact to installation, taking the time to understand your priorities and deliver a system that’s right for you.

We are keen to tell you more about Comera Energy. Please fill out the form below and the team will be in contact soon. If you would like to call Comera Energy, their contact number is 0117 971 8121 or email them at