HBXL Estimating Service Vs Pro Estimating Services

At HBXL Estimating Service we relish a bit of friendly competition as we believe it keeps us on our toes and ensures we keep striving to stay one step ahead. As a small company we consistently punch above our weight against other estimating services and Quantity Surveyors by making sure our estimates are accurate, comprehensive, delivered on time and most importantly job winning!

We see Pro Estimating Services as a competitor in providing estimates targeted for the domestic building industry and we sometimes get asked what separates us from them. We recommend that you evaluate both and form your own opinion.

We’ve also put together a handy comparison factsheet which compares HBXL Estimating Service with other estimating services and what sets us apart.

The quality of our work is excellent, as our sample estimates show. So you can see why our fees represent really good value for money and why we have highly satisfied customers. For more info call us on 0117 916 7894, email estimatingservice@hbxl.co.uk or simply send us a plan to quote for – it’s very straightforward. You can’t buy better!