If you’ve got an extension that you want building plans for, let our experienced team draft them quickly and inexpensively. Our service is used by building firms and home owners wanting work done to their property. Our prices start at £99 +VAT.

Check out our gallery - we’d like to show off some of our work and have a catalogue of standard designs which may help you choose what you’d like to put on your site.

Maybe you are a builder and want a quick scheme turned round for a potential client you are trying to win. Or perhaps you’ve won the job and want to outsource the plans and getting a project through planning with the minimum of hassle…or maybe you’re a building company who’s client already has planning approved plans but you need to take the project through building regs – again with minimum hassle? We do the lot!

We’re very good value. We're much cheaper than an architect or architectural technician. Our team are highly experienced construction specialists - in fact most of our team come from a building background running their own building firms so the designs are not only professionally drafted, but practical too.

And even better value when you consider that we can provide you with a building cost estimate, building contract and health and safety package of documentation at very small additional costs off the back of your drawing.

We offer 3 levels of service to suit your needs – Scheme, Planning Application and Building Regulations. All our drawings are done at A3 1:50 so you can easily print them out. Scheme level is designed to inspire so you can see what you can get on your plot. Planning Application level is designed to help you get planning consent and Building Regulation level incorporates the construction detail (how it is built) together with the materials used in order to help you get building reg’s approval.

It’s easy! There’s no site visit required and all we need from you is a few details about the project, sketch floorplans and a few photographs (internal and external), then over to us. Check out how to order below.

We’re known as the Fast Design Service in the trade as we know that time is absolutely of the essence, whilst the professionalism of the plans will make sure that you win that project or get through planning or building reg’s as straightforwardly as possible.

Turnaround of plans is typically 7-10 days. We'll confirm before we start.

Simply download the Plans Service Order Form and Graph Paper (both A4), fill in the form and sketch out the layout on the Graph Paper, then send to us together with photos of the existing property (inside and out) and site or garden to provide context to the design. Then email them to plans@hbxl.co.uk

We take payment on instruction, once you have sent us the completed Plans Service Order Form and your sketch on the Graph paper, and you are happy with the agreed return date. Payment can be made by Credit, Debit card or by BACS transfer.

We charge an hourly rate for further modifications to plans (please see our website price list) however if it is simply a minor tweak we can usually accommodate that without charge.

In order to ensure a quick turnaround for Building Regulations approval we prefer to submit our drawings to Assure Building Control who are Approved Inspectors. Assure Building Control are strongly focussed on customer service. They aim to carry out an assessment of the plans within 7 days of their completion by the Plans Team as our standard building regulation notes have gone through ‘pre-checking’ with their technical team, as have some of our drawing formats for home extensions. This assists Assure Building Control to assess the drawings quickly and guarantees a consistent approach to Building Regulation compliance for all your schemes.

If you are a PlansXpress user we'll supply the PlansXpress file for you to import into your software too.

At scheme drawing stage, you can make amendments to keep up with changes to your ideas. You can then send them back to us to incorporate into the main planning and building reg submission drawing (further amends are charged at an hourly rate although minor tweaks can usually be accommodated).

Not forgetting, you can also wow your potential customers with stunning 3D Visuals of the proposed building.

We’re practical – With our building background you can be sure that the design will be buildable!

We’re really quick – 7-10 working days

We’re personal! – You’ll get a dedicated designer who will work on your plans, and any questions or problems they perceive, they’ll be in touch with you over the phone

We’re cheaper (than architects!)

PLUS we can also undertake your estimates, health & safety documentation and building contracts. We're a one stop shop for everything you need!

As well as the development of your plans, we can also help you get through the Building Control. We have partnered with Assure Building Control who are strongly focussed on customer service and will aim to carry out an assessment of the completed plans within 7 days. Another benefit of using Assure for Building Control is that once the scheme has started on site, it is likely that the same surveyor will visit your different sites in a given area, no matter which local authority area the project is being built in. They are independent of Local Authority Building Control and planning and are able operate nationally. This means that you and their surveyor can build a relationship of shared knowledge and trust, which is so important for the smooth running of the job and on site compliance.

We can also provide you with an Estimate of the cost for your project, Building Contracts and Health & Safety paperwork too.

Our drawings must not be copied without the consent of HBXL Plans Service. HBXL Plans Service will prepare the plans for your project in line with your instructions and our interpretation of the building regulations. The drawings should be checked by a building inspector or an approved inspector prior to commencement of construction to ensure compliance and the drawings referred where deemed necessary by the contractor to a structural engineer to confirm design of foundations, structural openings and overall building stability.

Please read our full terms and conditions before placing our order.

We also have Professional Indemnity insurance so you don't have to worry about a thing.