Michelle Hyatt

Estimating Service for homeowners and self-builders

Working with the estimator at HBXL was a really worthwhile piece of work. The estimator was knowledgeable and took time to alter specifics and listen to queries. Overall the final result was a detailed document which is proving really valuable to our self build experience.

Peter Burrell

The information that you provided is proving invaluable as it gave me the comfort that the project was affordable and I am able to use it as a cross-check on where the actual costs are going. So, a win, win situation so far and nine working days in with good weather and a ready supply of materials, things are on budget and on time.

Clive Welton of Clive Welton & Partners

Estimating Service for builders

HBXL’s Estimating Service team has priced many projects for us over the past three years. We’ve always found them punctual and polite and their communication skills are exceptional. We’ve made some unusual requests but nothing is too much trouble for them. We cannot recommend them highly enough.

Marcus, London Build & Design

Estimating Service for builders

We find the HBXL Estimating Service acts as a massive time-saving device for us.

The estimators we use have a broad working knowledge of the domestic construction market – some are even former builders themselves!

This makes our lives easier when ousourcing our pricing and helps with some of the trickier jobs – especially when you can talk to a friendly voice who understands the needs of your job!

Michael Goddard, Caplin Homes Ltd

Estimating Service for builders

We are tremendously impressed by your work and will certainly be coming back to you before long for other projects.