2024 business goals for your building firm

What are your business goals for 2024? Do you want to…

  • Be more appealing than your competitors?
  • Have a point of difference?
  • Give customers more pricing choice?
  • Work with customers to reach the right price?
  • Use accurate estimates to make maximum profit?

Want to win more high-quality jobs in 2024? We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve – see what you could give your prospective customers to win the work:

  • A set of 3D models with the full estimate that give the customer a drone shot plus front, back, sides and interior shots*. Free to you – although you could charge the customer?
  • Value engineering – customer not quite on board with the cost – would appoint you if you could shave something off the price? We can work with you to find the savings. There’s no charge for tweaking.
  • And of course, there are material price updates conducted every month so the customer knows you’re being realistic about the numbers. They can trust your professional estimating partners. We can give you a logo to put on your website.
  • And if they’re wondering how much it will cost if they don’t start for another 6 months – alongside the ‘today price’ quote you can give them a second quote with the predicted inflated prices. That costs £50+VAT.
  • Or if you want a requote in the future with the latest numbers, you’ll pay 20% of the original estimate fee or a minimum of £100+VAT. Both of these are part of our Profit Protect Start Date Service.
  • Need to win over the customer with a ‘light touch’ indication of the costs – Our Benchmark at £149+VAT is good for getting the process started.

Make your first goal a no-obligation quote from us

You can upload your plans to our website or email them to estimatingservice@hbxl.co.uk. We’ll come back to you asap with the fee for completing the estimate and timescales. (There’s no obligation to go ahead so you have nothing to lose). Or give us a call on 0117 916 7894 to chat the options through. Main thing – think about your 2024 business goals, think about how you could promote your services in this year, and remember you have us to help you win more profitable work.

*Your job needs to be ‘appropriate’ so we’ll review whether a 3D model is feasible or not and let you know. We don’t usually produce 3D models of renovations, or the existing building that an extension is being built onto.