View our estimate samples pack

In our estimate samples pack you don’t just get your estimate as part of your estimate pack, you get a whole range of management documents which will help you to manage your project effectively, including material order schedules, build programmes and a whole other host of documents.

You’ll get the following professional reports as MS Excel files:

  • Detailed cost reports by Build Phase and by Resource Type
  • Detailed schedules (materials/labour/plant) by Build Phase and by Resource Type
  • Suggested build program Gantt chart
  • Quotation for your client including your mark up (as an editable MS Word file)
  • Schedule of estimate assumptions we’ve made so you’re absolutely clear on what’s been included in your estimate

And if you are an EstimatorXpress user we’ll supply the EstimatorXpress file for you to import into your software too.

Why not look at our sample Essential Service estimate below?