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After 20-plus years running a construction business; first as a builder then a developer, Adrian Wild, our Managing Director realised that for the small to medium building firm to survive, let alone thrive, it would have to speed up and embrace technology. With nothing on the market fitting the bill, Adrian went on to develop HBXL’s range of software. It now helps thousands of builders across the UK – and through our team of construction specialists using this same software, we provide HBXL Professional Services to deliver you a one stop shop for Plans, Estimates, Health & Safety documentation and Building Contracts.

Adrian Wild, Managing Director

Managing Director and founder of HBXL, Adrian was a builder for 25 years and has built 80+ houses and 300 extensions. Fed up with confusing Price Books and lack of software suitable for his size business, he developed his own estimating package. Adrian is an ideas man and has launched EstimatorXpress, PlansXpress, Health & Safety Xpert and ContractsXpert.

To contact Adrian email adrian@hbxl.co.uk.

Tom Crozier, Operations Manager

Tom, who has a degree in Business IT, used EstimatorXpress at the small building firm he worked for. He got on so well with the software that when it was time to move on and the opportunity arose, he happily accepted our offer to carry on using EstimatorXpress for us! Tom also had experience of designing with CAD software in a previous job, so all in all he was perfect for the HBXL Estimating Service. He's been working with HBXL for over three years now. "You definitely experience a wide range of projects from small extensions to £1m developments." Tom explains. We don't suppose Tom imagined at the building firm that one day he'd be working for the company that actually developed the software. We're glad he is!

To contact Tom email operations@hbxl.co.uk.

Simon Wild, Senior Estimator & Building Specialist

What doesn’t Simon know about estimating!? Simon had his own home extension building business in the late 90’s and HBXL started benefitting from his extensive building knowledge over 10 years ago. Simon has been the trainer at hundreds of HBXL Group Training events where users of HBXL software come together, share information and pick up valuable tips and advice. He also visits the workplace for some 1-2-1 time, either customising the software or helping the user get to grips with all the software functions. Today much of Simon’s time is spent working with the PlansXpress and EstimatorXpress software to produce quotes for our Estimating Service customers. And like all our experienced Estimators, Simon certainly knows his way round a plan. Simon commented, “This is great for me – it’s great to get to use the software producing real quotes – and the variety keeps us on our toes.”

To contact Simon email estimators@hbxl.co.uk.

Tony James, Building Specialist

Tony has been in the building trade since 1966. He set up his own business and started using HBXL software to speed up his building operations.

He knows first hand that HBXL’s comprehensive quotes are good – they certainly won him work!

Tony has now handed the reins of his profitable business over to his son and son-in-law. Because of his confidence in the software, he found it easy to make the transition to actually working for HBXL.

Tony says, “I discuss Estimating Service projects directly with the builder – I’ve always found the HBXL team friendly and readily willing to offer me advice. Working for HBXL means I can now offer the same service I received, to other builders around the country.”

To contact Tony email estimators@hbxl.co.uk.

Darren Lee, Building Specialist (Subcontractor)

Darren is a former building contractor in a family business. He’s had close on 20 years’ experience working within the construction sector. He’s been a site joiner, site manager, contracts/project manager and building company director.

As commercial director of the family business Darren was involved in all aspects of the business, including chief estimator and negotiator on all contracts.

He gained a vast amount of technical knowledge in relation to the structure and fabric of buildings, be it new builds, bespoke construction, extensions, conversions or renovations. Darren has relevant qualifications from the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB).

Darren says, “I have to say that EstimatorXpress does all the estimating side of the job for me – the skill is in understanding the thinking behind each project. My years in the building business doing the very same work that the customers are doing means that I know what to ask and can interpret their requirements quickly and efficiently.”

To contact Darren email estimators@hbxl.co.uk.

Ian Clark, Account Manager

"I talk to both prospective and existing customers. Our regular customers generally phone me to chat through their job or they'll drop me a line when they email over the drawing file.

"Once the customer has okayed the fee and supplied their order form there might be a couple of queries along the way which either I or the estimator will run through with the customer. On completion I'll email over the Microsoft Word and Excel files, plus the Gantt chart. And cross my fingers that the end customer will see sense and give them the job!

I get in touch later to find out if they have been successful and won the job – it's really satisfying to hear about our estimates contributing to a win! Our current win rate for builders using our estimates is over 50%!"

To contact Ian email services@hbxl.co.uk.

Joe Walsh, Account Support Assistant

Joe provides support to Ian Clark the Account Manager to assist him in dealing with prospective and existing customers on the phone and by email as a second line support to assist with the increasing demand for HBXL Professional Services.

"I follow up all new customers to get their feedback on the jobs they've won from the estimates we've done, and I love hearing about their success stories: how they've won the job, made the money they expected and how they have a very happy end customer."

To contact Joe email services@hbxl.co.uk.

Joanna Mulgrew, Sales & Marketing Director

Joanna has been with the company since it started and knows the products well. She grew up surrounded by the building industry as her father was a builder and has also renovated 3 properties. With a degree in marketing she now heads up the Marketing team, researches new software opportunities and makes sure builders know about HBXL!

To contact Joanna email marketing@hbxl.co.uk.

Jim Pizzey, Technical Director

Jim has lots of construction experience having worked on site and now develops the CAD and Estimating Software behind HBXL Professional Services.

To contact Jim email support@hbxl.co.uk.

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