Successful building projects start with HBXL Professional Services no matter what type of user you are. Hear how REAL users benefited from our service and see how we can help your project whether you are a builder, self builder/ homeowner, architect/designer or Merchant. PLUS, take a look at what makes us an award winning estimating service

"Thanks Simon, to you and your colleagues. You've been amazing! I'll come to use your services whenever possible, and I'll refer and recommend your firm of Quantity Surveyors! Saul Jewitt

“The estimating service is very good indeed. The team have been superb. I’ve used them many times.” Alex Lulli, Aldveco Ltd

 “They’ve hit my project deadline every time & have given plenty of support with my estimate once delivered.” Phil Angus Construction Management

"The team hit my deadline for completion of the estimate. They're courteous and efficient." Doncaster Home Solutions

"The HBXL Estimating Service makes our lives easier and helps with some of the trickier jobs – especially when you can talk to a friendly voice who understands the needs of your job!" Marcus, Technical Director from London Build & Design.

“Absolutely 100%. Ian my account manager, the estimators, first class. You couldn’t ask for more.” Sheldan, Lunnon & Tilbury.

See the full Q & A with Sheldan, another happy HBXL Estimating Service customer.


An estimates and plans service for builders that always puts you first.

Our professional services helps builders all over the country with estimating, plans, health and safety and building contracts.

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Self Builder/Homeowner

Our Service is the perfect choice for estimates and plans for self build and home owners. Having a professional estimate will help you stay on top of your budget, manage your costs and avoid over-spends on your project. Our service offers a comprehensive suite of tools to self builders.

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Architect & Designer Users

HBXL Professional Services is not just builders. Our estimate service for Architects and Designers is brilliant for helping you provide your clients with a construction estimate.

Most architectural designers tell us that they’d prefer to outsource project costings and that’s where we can help.

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Merchant Users

Most builders merchants tell us that they’d prefer to outsource take offs off customers plans, rather than take up the valuable sales time of branch staff and that’s where we can help.

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