5 reasons why you don’t need the HBXL Estimating Service

At HBXL we know everybody is different and everybody has different preferences. This is why some may not have given us a try yet. So we’ve compiled a list of reasons why the Estimating Service may not be the service for you. If you find that these 5 points match with you and your business then we’ll leave you to it! Firstly, we’re hoping you can look past our sarcasm and secondly, that you decide you have nothing to lose by giving our estimating service a go today!

don’t need estimating serviceYou actually like spending your spare time working on estimates and quotes.

Why would you want to cut out those long nights and weekends spent producing quotes and estimates? You love missing out on quality time with the family or catching that big derby match.

don’t need estimating service 2Inaccuracy isn’t a problem in your world.

So you miscalculate every once in a while and end up cutting into your profit margin, again. Big deal. You don’t want to be one of those people who gets everything right all the time, everyone knows you can’t trust someone who is perfect.

don’t need estimating service 3Calling up the merchants is the favourite part of your day!

You’d be gutted if you didn’t get to speak to the merchants every day. You wouldn’t want all your prices to be up to date. Where’s the fun in that? No, you’d rather guess it’ll be about the same last time you checked and find out different later. Life’s about all those little surprises.

don’t need estimating service 4You think hidden expenses are exciting and they keep you on your toes.

Not forgetting any of costs is a challenge you relish. And you love having to go back to the client to ask for money if you miss something. Or even better, forking out the cash yourself because you haven’t budgeted for it, that’s your fave.

don’t need estimating service 5Running over schedule is just part of life, you only wrote one up as a guideline anyway.

So a project takes longer to complete than you originally envisaged, you’re not stressing. Maybe you have the luxury of no job lined up after so you have plenty of time to spill into.

If you have read all this and still feel you don’t need our estimating service and that it is not going to help your company to save you time, money and effort, then by all means don’t give us a go. Don’t worry, we’re not bitter (she chuckled uncomfortably). BUT, if you do like the sound of an estimating service as an easy solution to improve your business then here’s how to get started. You may wonder why you hadn’t given us a try sooner!

Ian from the HBXL Estimating Service is also waiting to talk you round on 0117 916 7894.