Construction estimating with team benefits

Of course you win some you lose some. Our clients return after the rejections as well as the wins because of what we do for them. And it’s not just about the highly professional quotes themselves. It’s also the time we give them to concentrate on other areas of their business. That’s teamwork. And the more times you compete the better the odds…know they can trust us with their businesses. We don’t underestimate the responsibility.

That’s why we put a lot of thought, time and effort into every estimate we produce. Are the plans correct? Is there anything that won’t quite work? Might there be something that can be done another way to save you and your customer some money?

What we don’t have to question is the accuracy of the software we use to crunch the numbers. EstimatorXpress includes every single item needed from nails to mastic. Every wall, floor, ceiling, every square metre is accounted for. And importantly it uses materials prices that are updated regularly (monthly at the moment in this volatile market).

So how about expanding your business to include Ian, our Account Manager (the cox who steers the team) and all the estimators in the HBXL Estimating Service. We’ve even grown the team ourselves recently.

All it will cost you is the fee for producing an estimate as and when you need it – weekly, monthly, every now and then. You’ve nothing to lose by asking for the cost of doing the estimating on your next project. There’s no obligation.