Country’s leading estimating service joins forces with TradePoint

Users of the country’s leading estimating service will now be able to incorporate prices from TradePoint, the trade only arm of B&Q.

It means builders and tradespeople who utilise HBXL’s Estimating Service will be able to request the use of live material prices from the TradePoint material price list when their estimates are being put together.

Launched in 2011, the service has already been used to quote for in excess of £125 million worth of projects and is ideal for new builds, apartments, conversions or multi-site developments.

It provides builders with a totally accurate budget on how much a project will cost right out the outset – sometimes even before a site has been purchased – ensuring a realistic feasibility study of the likely profitability of a potential site has been conducted.

And with 90% of building projects going over budget, the availability of this new service means developers will be able to work out the likely profit margin at the start.

Detailing what’s required right down to the very last screw, the accuracy of the service means nothing is missed and is a great way for house builders to project what they are likely to make.

Country's leading estimating service

To make use of the service all builders have to do is send the plans to HBXL where expert estimators will price it quickly and accurately.

The builder will then receive a detailed estimate report pack outlining a summary of the project’s cost, detailed cost breakdown for materials, plant and labour, cost breakdown of each build phase, cash flow projection and a build program for when each part of the project will take place.

For builders developing houses for private individuals, the  customer quote which the service provides as a Word file is really useful as it shows the client a complete cost breakdown, including mark-up, which can be easily edited before it is shown to customers so the builder doesn’t even have to write up the quotation.

The new deal is now seen as a massive opportunity for all customers of TradePoint to improve the accuracy and profitability of their quotes while users of the Estimating Service will be able to source costs from this major supplier of build materials.

It means they will be able to access instant, up-to-date prices on building materials, plumbing and heating, timber and sheet materials, painting and decorating, doors and joinery, bathrooms, kitchens and tools.

Commenting on the new partnership Joanna Mulgrew, director at HBXL said: “This is great news for users of HBXL’s Estimating Service. It means those with an account with this major supplier will be able to access their price list.

“Gaining material prices online avoids having to get them over the phone, which we know can be time consuming, and is why we have developed links with this leading supplier of build materials.

“One reason the Estimating Service has been so successful is because of its direct link to merchant’s price lists which are updated as prices change via the internet. That way users know the quotes they are producing are 100% accurate, placing them at a huge advantage against their competitors.

“We’re hugely excited by this new partnership and look forward to working closely with TradePoint to make sure builders and the trade across the country thrive in the coming years.

For further information please about the country’s leading estimating service visit or call 0117 916 7894