Popular estimating service for UK residential building firms

So what makes HBXL such a popular estimating service? Well there are lots of reasons but accuracy over speed is generally the top answer. Our builders want profit-protecting quotes, not quick and dirty ones.

Speed isn’t everything – accuracy is…

Other estimating services pride themselves on providing 24 and 48-hour turnarounds – but it can come at a price. I’m talking a re-quote or an expensive dip into your own pocket thanks to a load of assumptions and overlooked issues. Our customers are looking for the assurance that we’ve thought of everything – from access and appropriate plant to the number of nail and tubes of mastic. So no – we don’t promise a 24 hour quotes produced in a rush. We do promise not to take a quick guess that will land you in the doo-doo if you win the job.

Our value for money service is used for many reasons, by builders who are:

  • short of time
  • taking a holiday
  • needed on site
  • getting behind
  • tackling a complex job
  • fed up of taking hand-to-mouth jobs
  • wanting to impress customers
  • worried about the accuracy of their material prices
  • keen to maximize their profitability.

Joanna Mulgrew, Managing Director of the HBXL Group explains: “We hit 100 per cent of delivery deadlines. The service is proving so popular that we’ve expanded our expert team to cope with demand.

“Research shows that users of EstimatorXpress software, which powers our service, win more work and have a higher win to quote ratio. Outsourcing estimates could be the difference between staying afloat or going bust!

Inflation at highest level in a decade

“The rate of inflation has hit its highest level for almost a decade as prices rise across the UK economy. The consumer prices index jumped to 4.2% in October from 3.1% in September. The price of raw materials has risen substantially. That’s why our team tracks the cost of products in builders merchants across the UK on a monthly basis. This fact alone is reassuring for our estimating service users, and keeps them coming back.”

All that’s required is a full set of plans of the project. Prices range from just £79 for a garage, £140 for an extension or loft conversion and £199 for a new build.

Customers receive an estimate, client quotation, a detailed report outlining a summary of the project’s cost, plus a detailed cost breakdown for materials, plant and labour, each build phase, a cash flow projection and a suggested build programme.

Turnaround depends on the project type and size, with small jobs taking three to four days and larger jobs seven to 10 days.

 As Joanna puts it, “No other service can provide the level of detail we can and no other service is as accurate.”

So why not find out what makes our such an popular estimating service with builders up and down the UK and give us a call on 0117 916 7894 or email services@hbxl.co.uk