There is almost nothing worse or more heart breaking than running out of money part way through your build. Start your project right, well appraised of how much it will cost, and adjust your plans accordingly if it isn’t quite within reach…We know that most self-builds or extensions go over budget due to hidden costs and the fact that appropriate contingencies haven’t been allowed for. So get your budget right at the outset. We can do that for you.

How much will your building project cost? How much should you budget? This doesn’t have to be a great unknown. If you have your building plans (planning stage would be great!) then we can reliably tell you what your dream project should cost to build which you can then use to compare with what building firms come back to you with. And we’re honestly not very expensive and could save you literally thousands.

You’ll often read the advice to get 3 builders quotes in. Our advice is that it is 100% worth getting a professional estimate done by someone independent. You might think that getting a professional estimate done is a waste of money but it’s quite difficult to compare one builders quote with another. Is the quote cheap because they are simply cheaper, or have they missed something? Is one expensive because they offer a premium service or are they simply having a laugh?

As we’ve said above we’re totally independent but we do have tons of building experience as a team of ex-builders and construction experts. We KNOW how much things should cost and we KNOW the tricks of the trade employed by firms…for example a cheap quote might seem like an amazing deal but they’ve probably missed things off which they’ll simply charge you for later meaning you’ll pay more in the long run.

So you’ve had your plans done by an expert, but often that expert isn’t going to actually build the project. Frequently building plans cross our desk which just aren’t well “buildable” or don’t meet latest building regulations. So as part of our service we do checks as we estimate the costs of your project to ensure that it will literally stand up. Many of our estimators have been builders themselves (between them they have over 155 years construction experience!) so they are well placed to offer this advice, on the house, so to speak.

Another thing we know is that finance is getting harder and harder to come by, and if you’re borrowing money to finance your project, banks really like to see the detail. What’s it going to cost, broken down in detail by phase, with a build program and cashflow…and even better if it’s been done professionally.

To make sure your estimate is bang on, we offer a service called Price Tracker, which links every estimate we do to the absolute latest building materials prices. The reason we do this is because inflation on building materials is very high and can have a massive impact on your project. We can also incorporate any prices you’ve had from suppliers already into your estimate if you’d like…such as timber frame, or kitchen or tiles you’d like.

We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet but we have been used to price up nearly £300Million worth of building work on homes, extensions and renovations all over the UK. Lloyds Bank even commented last year “HBXL demonstrate they understand the importance of the customer [and] customer satisfaction measures inform the organisational structure and drive improvement…they operate at an ethical level which exceeds conformance to legal and professional requirements”.

You can upload your building plans now, and we can tell you the fees we would charge to estimate the cost of your project for you. No obligation.