5 signs your construction firm is ready for some extra business support

Here are the tell-tale signs.

  1. You’re busy without seeing big profits at the end of the year

Keeping the prices ‘competitive’ seems like a good idea, it wins the work and keeps your team busy with you (and no one else). But despite the full order book and working all hours you’re realizing (and so is the accountant) that a 3% or 4% profit isn’t a safe enough buffer professionally or personally. It doesn’t help that the materials and equipment you forget to quote for are paid out of your pocket…

  1. You’re wasting valuable time on late payers and awkward customers

You’ve been meaning to get round to making your terms and conditions clear including getting customers to formally agree changes to the work they’ve requested so you don’t pick up the tab. And you accept that if you were to properly pre-agree arrangements for stage payments you wouldn’t have to expend energy debating who should pay for what, when. And no a baseball bat isn’t an option. 

  1. At the back of your mind you know your Health and safety measures could be better

Yes you’ve various policies in place, and you have your standard risk assessments sorted. But you know that if you had a surprise visit from the HSE, you couldn’t present ALL the documents you should be working with and the inspector would be looking for. And yes the worry of an accident on site is ever present…

  1. Stuff isn’t where it’s supposed to be and you’re missing out on bigger merchant discounts

Whether you’ve got a few jobs on the go at the same time, or one large project, you’re finding keeping on top of hire equipment, tools, people and materials a big fat time-consuming chore. You know constant trips to the merchants are such a waste of time and money in time and petrol.

  1. You’re knackered

End of.

The HBXL Estimating Service solves these issues – in one!

You’ve heard it all before? Not this you haven’t. There’s nothing like our estimating service out there – we can produce an accurate, professional-looking estimate, with valuable supporting reports. Plus, the relevant health & safety documents and contract documents too. All in all, a small (and it is small!) price to pay for peace of mind.

Making sure you you earn the money you deserve, get paid on time, keep everyone safe on site and all according to schedule.

We’re with you all the way, lending a helping to help your business. Before you know it, you’ll think of us as a member of your team. That’s why 93% of customers would use us again!