When to Outsource Your Estimating: Why HBXL Estimating Service is Your Best Choice

To outsource your estimating can be a massive weight off your mind. In the construction industry, accurate and timely project estimates are crucial for securing jobs, managing budgets, and ensuring project success. However, estimating can be complex and resource-intensive.

When you outsource your estimating tasks to the HBXL Estimating Service, you free up time and energy to concentrate on your core business.

Here are key times when outsourcing your estimating to HBXL Estimating Service can be highly beneficial:


1. High Workload

During busing periods or when handling multiple projects, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. HBXL Estimating Service can help manage the overflow, ensuring all estimates are completed on time without sacrificing accuracy or quality. This flexibility can prevent delays and allow you to meet tight deadlines.

2. Complex Projects

Builders can face projects involving unusual designs or special materials that require more detailed knowledge. Outsource to HBXL Estimating Service, with our specialised skills in complex project estimation, and you can look forward to accurate cost calculations, reducing the risk of budget overruns and ensuring more profit!

3. Costs

Maintaining a full-time estimator can be expensive, especially for small to mid-sized construction firms. HBXL Estimating Service allows you to control costs by paying for estimating services only when needed. The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors found that outsourcing can reduce project costs by up to 15%. This can be particularly advantageous if you’re experiencing fluctuating workloads, ensuring you get the expertise you need without the overhead costs.

4. Technology

Any good estimating service is going to use the very latest technology. HBXL Estimating Service is no exception. We use EstimatorXpress, the UK’s leading estimating software for residential building firms. Material prices are updated every month so you can be sure of accurate pricing.

5. Fresh pair of eyes

By outsourcing your estimating to our experienced team, you know you’re going to get a fresh perspective. This is particularly valuable when assessing the feasibility of new projects or reviewing internal estimates. Our team can identify potential issues and provide recommendations, that you might not have seen. It all helps to mitigate risks in your business.

6. Leave it to us, focus on the job

By outsourcing estimating tasks to HBXL Estimating Service, you can focus on core activities such as project management, client relationships, and business development. This will improve overall productivity and efficiency, allowing your business to increase its strengths and achieve better project outcomes.


Send your plans – there’s no obligation to go ahead

Outsource your estimating needs to HBXL Estimating Service and you can expect numerous advantages. We’re here to support you in securing bigger jobs, offering support and our expertise wherever we can.

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