Builders are divided on the future

The results are in. Our sister company has just conducted a survey with 1) users of EstimatorXpress (the same award-winning estimating software we use for our customer quotes) and 2) builders who have yet to make a purchase.

The outcome? Builders not benefitting from EstimatorXpress quotations are feeling much less hopeful about business going forward than the builders who are presenting the software’s accurate, professional looking quotations.

  • The non-users are more anxious whilst users are feeling much positive
  • Margins are getting tighter for both groups
  • But non-users are absorbing the price rises whilst users are still quoting the full amount.

Concerns by non-users are understandable as the latest FMB State of the Trade Survey proves. And that’s why it’s so important that we cover every single cost relating to the project. We use the latest prices. We recommend the current labour rates. We’ll allow for inflation. And the reports you receive help you keep on top of the job. It means builders can be proud of their prices and customers can feel more confident about giving the job in the first place.

The kind of detail builders can expect in an HBXL quote. You can show as much or as little as you want.

The secret of our success is a combination of over 155 years of building knowledge. And powerful estimating software designed specifically for the construction industry.

Business-winning quotes for builders

Our building specialists have mostly run their own building companies. So know first-hand what builders and developers need with their estimates. They also know the importance of returning an estimate to a client quickly and accurately. We produce them in the shortest turnaround time possible – and have never missed a deadline. We pride ourselves on being realistic about timelines and will advise whether it’s going to take a few days or a little longer.

Take a look at our service here or upload a plan to get a price for us doing the work here, email it to or call Ian on 0117 916 7894 for more info.