The top 4 excuses builders give for quoting too low

Do you wish you could charge more? Do you want more profitable types of jobs? Are you in a vicious cycle of quoting lower? If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then take five minutes to read our free guide on how much you could charge, achieving an accurate quote, and what homeowners are looking for. It’ll give you the top four excuses for dropping your prices. We’re going to tell you CAN charge more.

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It’s time to stop making assumptions, and take the speculation out of estimating! After all, are you sure you know what customers are prepared to pay? Charge what the job is worth and you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Have you ever considered that customers are actually put off by cheap quotes?

Accurate quote and realistic profit margin

It’s not enough to get paid for what you do. Profit ensures the future financial health of your business. And that applies whether you’re involved in renovation, extensions, conversions or new builds.

If you charge what you think the customer will pay, if you use a rule-of-thumb, if you guess the cost of materials, you might not break even, let alone make a profit. And a profit of say 3% or less – may well be too small a margin to fund unexpected material price rises, errors, problems on site, bad weather…

Partners in your success

Our partners The Better Business Group has contributed to the guide. BBG has been helping builders since 1995. They know what makes good companies busy, successful and profitable. They can help firms avoid the common pitfalls of under-pricing to keep the diary full, unpaid final payments, and low profits.

They would look at every aspect of your business and compare you with more established and profitable companies. They then obtain feedback from your customers about you and your competitors. This information is used to mentor you to become more successful. If you want, they can actively work with you on every one of your new enquiries to help you win them at the right price.

Simon and Mark at BBG always recommend HBXL to properly nail the process of charging the true cost of a job and achieving the profit you deserve.

For more info call Simon of BBG on 01707 859900 or the HBXL team on 0117 916 7894.

So do you want to make a higher profit by managing your construction company better? Follow our tips in this guide. Simply fill in the form below and we’ll send you a copy!