Buy cheap buy twice: do you get from estimators what you pay for?

There are so many sayings relating to money – probably because it makes the world go round! ‘Cheap and cheerful’ is another one. Let’s face it – things are usually cheap for a reason. And that’s OK when it need only be short-term and there are no repercussions attached to it.

But you wouldn’t scrimp on your business would you? Buying cheap equipment usually backfires – you either have to get it repaired or replaced when it lets you down. And you wouldn’t choose materials that won’t last long or look sub-standard.

And the same goes for your customer quote…

  • You wouldn’t trust your estimating to someone who’s never been in the construction business
  • You wouldn’t want your estimates started by one person and finished by another
  • You wouldn’t want the estimator to take a guess on a query because they haven’t got time to phone you
  • You wouldn’t feel happy knowing that your estimate has to be finished by a certain time, come what may, because there’s a quota of estimates to be reached

…would you? Even if it was cheap? No? We thought not.

Because you’d have to cover the shortfall – any errors that you find in the pricing of materials or labour, or design decisions that are inaccurate – would simply reduce your profit margin – assuming there even is any profit left at the end. That’s if you win the work – a sloppy quote won’t stack up well against the competition.

HBXL Estimating Service might not be the cheapest – but as they say, you get what you pay for:

  • Estimators who bring a combined 155 years’ worth of building experience to HBXL. They’ve either run their own construction business or worked in it.
  • A personal relationship – one person committed to seeing your job through from start to finish
  • A desire to help the customer win the work and make sure the estimate is worth the paper it’s written on.
  • An over-the-phone conversation to clear up any ambiguities
  • The application of the national average rates of buyable building materials – so that your prices are up to date
  • A bespoke service when requested – your own labour rates, your typical mark-up and your building material rates
  • Your own logo in the quote for client presentation
  • A general building suggestion at no extra cost – if appropriate – that have, in the past, saved our customers money.

There are clearly some things in life worth paying for. If your estimators can help you win the business, then that’s definitely money well spent – did you know over 50% of building firms using HBXL Estimating Service win the work! That’s well…priceless!

We can  and put our money where our mouth is! The quality of our work is excellent, as our sample estimates show. So you can see why our fees represent really good value for money and why we have highly satisfied customers. For more info call us on 0117 916 7894, email or simply send us a plan to quote for – it’s very straightforward. You can’t buy better!-