Estimating building costs by HBXL Estimating Service

Estimating building costs for your next project is easier when you have the power of HBXL Estimating Service behind you. Our friendly and experienced team of building specialists are dedicated to providing a quality service and 100% accurate estimates.

With over 80 years of combined experience and the innovative HBXL Building Software range we are the best outfit for estimating building costs. Not only this but we also provide tailored quotes ready to send to clients, detailed reports, smart build programmes and more included in our affordable estimating pack.

Having experienced the construction industry ourselves we are also aware of the increasing pressures of getting quotes out to perspective clients quickly which is why we have a super-fast turnaround and we always meet our deadlines. This helps you get ahead of the competition and win more work.

Include estimate cost in your quote

Our affordable services become an even better deal when you include the cost of producing an estimate in the cost of the project for the client. When you win the work (and 53% of the estimates we produce do) you are effectively getting the estimate for free! If the cost is absorbed by the client then this helps you protect your profit.

Complete the pack

HBXL Professional Services for build projects provide a range of other ways you can save time and effort and win more work including plans, contracts and health and safety. Having the complete pack increases the benefits by having a comprehensive approach to your build projects and saves you money by purchasing altogether.

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