HBXL Estimating Service in London

If you are looking for an estimating service in London then look no further than HBXL Estimating Service. The majority of our work is in London meaning that we are experienced with the difficulties of working to tight space and the specifics of the London domestic construction sector. We combine over 80 years of building experience with powerful estimating software to ensure the best combination of working knowledge and technology.

This means we can produce 100% accurate estimates and always in a fast turnaround. As well as, all of our building specialists are experienced in the building sector and are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality estimates, quotes, build programmes and other helpful reports to help you win the work.

Having this complete pack of quality documents and being able to convey in detail all the costing and where the clients’ money is going to be spent and allows a more trustworthy relationship between builder/ developer and client.

This is crucial for encouraging the customer to decide to go with your service. As well as the obvious advantage of supporting the fact that you will produce quality work if you already have a quality building estimate and range of reports.

Another reason our customers find they can win more work is due to the speed of our turnaround. Moreover the importance of getting quotes out quickly in order to beat the competition can’t be stressed enough as you don’t want to lose jobs on the basis you don’t have the time to compete for them. This concern is coupled by the need for accuracy. A fast estimate is useless without the accuracy. Due to HBXL’s powerful EstimatorXpress estimating software our building experts can ensure 100% accuracy every time, with everything considered down to the last screw AND a rapid turnaround (usually 3-4 days for smaller jobs 7-10 for larger).

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Combine your estimate with our other range of Professional Services for build projects. Additionally, having a comprehensive approach to your build projects saves you time and effort in producing your documentation. As well as, by purchasing altogether saves you money.

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