There are lots of estimating service providers out there, we know that. But ask yourself this: would you prefer to use the cheap but inaccurate one, or the best one who’ll get it right first time? Choosing HBXL – the best construction estimating service out there – is a NO BRAINER…

There are so many reasons why HBXL is the best construction estimating service there is! If you need a bit of help choosing which estimating service to use, then look no further than the guide below. You can’t afford to use a service that has good days and bad days or ones that leave you questioning the quote’s validity. Reliability every time is the name of the game.

Why our service is so popular

There are plenty more reasons why 100% of our users recommend our service! Firstly, our customers more than double their win rate, as well as saving themselves a lot of time and effort. They also know they have outsourced the task to experienced construction professionals, who understand the importance of returning an estimate on time. We may not be the cheapest but buying cheap can be a false economy when parts of the job get missed for instance during the quoting process…

Launched in 2012, HBXL’s service adds more value to your estimates because our estimators have the benefit of years of industry experience behind them. They go through the labour rates. They offer useful consultation. They put accuracy before speed. It’s simple, by providing the best construction estimating service out there, HBXL makes builders’ lives easier!

We understand that there are other providers of estimating services out there. Some might seem cheap. Some might make you promises. But at HBXL we believe in doing the best job possible, whilst providing amazing value at the same time. We don’t do it cheaply. We do it properly.

Below are the factors that we believe are key, and what you should be looking for in any estimating service:

Turnaround time

We meet 100% of our deadlines to ensure you get the quote back to your client ASAP. For small jobs, our average turnaround is 3-4 days. Bigger jobs take 7-10 days maximum. We’ll confirm the return date with you before we get started.

Some other companies offer “express service” but this often means two things: the risk of accuracy suffering, and paying more for it. We believe in getting the job done right first time whilst offering value for money! A longer lead time means continuity and accuracy. You need to weigh up what matters to you more.

Accurate software

We use EstimatorXpress – the UK’s leading estimating software for residential construction projects. What does this mean to you? It means we are very confident about how accurate and detailed our quotes are. EstimatorXpress has been highly rated by users, and won multiple awards. To say it’s tried and trusted is an understatement!

Our competitors have their own software, however we don’t believe any of them provide the level of detail and accuracy that EstimatorXpress does.

Your own experienced building specialist

Our estimators have a wealth of building experience behind them.! Most of our guys have run their own construction companies. Each job has one estimator assigned to it, who sees the estimate all the way through. Our estimators take the time to offer relevant building advice on the project if required – this is at no extra cost and saves our users even more money.

Using a cheaper take-off service like many of our competitors will give you a much less knowledgeable experience. The “estimators” at other companies often lack the necessary knowledge and experience in the building industry – we believe this is essential to provide accurate and detailed estimates. Other services sometimes spread a job over multiple staff so they can meet tight deadlines. Due to low pricing, they don’t have the time to speak with the customer to discuss the project. When their staff are target-driven to complete jobs so they can move onto the next one, it’s the customer who suffers. HBXL’s goal is to help the customer win the work and make sure the estimate is worth the paper it’s written on.

Industry knowledge

We take the time to talk our users through their project. This means that both the builder and estimator are on the same page from the beginning. Also, our estimators can offer advice from their own construction industry experience. We’re not afraid to challenge an architect’s decision if it looks incorrect, is out of date or basically won’t work! Other estimators may take the easy route – and bash the quote out – HBXL estimators don’t.

Too many estimating services can’t offer such a level of industry knowledge and care, which can prevent potential problems arising. Estimators at competitors may lack the required professional construction experience, and due to time pressures, they are unlikely to be able to raise a potential issue before it’s too late!

Bespoke quotation

After using the best construction estimating service, you’ll be as happy with the result as if you produced the work yourself! The only difference? No hassle! Our bespoke service can incorporate your labour rates and your typical mark-ups. We use national average rates of building materials (updated monthly) – this way you know your estimate is up to date with the current prices. We can also incorporate your company logo, as well as your contact details and the client’s information, too. This means that the quote is client-ready as soon as you receive it. Our customers tell us they win over 56% of the jobs that we price up for them!

Other services make lots of assumptions in their work, which means the quality and accuracy of the estimate is poor. There’s a lack of personal touch because they churn out multiple estimates, meaning that they may require further work. Can you really afford to take that risk?

Labour rates and material prices review

Because HBXL’s Estimating Service incorporates aspects such as labour rates and material prices, we can also offer a professional review on top. Our estimates are the most accurate due to our enviable position of providing hundreds of them nationwide every year. This allows us to have a clear view of national and geographic averages. Our material prices are updated monthly by Price Tracker+, exclusive to HBXL. We’re not tied to one builders merchant’s prices so we have more options.

Protecting your bottom line from inflation

What happens if your project is due to start in 6-12 months’ time say, when prices have gone up, and the client has a quote with this month’s prices? Do you swallow the extra cost or do you explain the situation to the customer? It makes sense to give the client the future price otherwise you’ll likely lose money.

That’s why HBXL offers the ‘Profit Protect’ Service. At the same time as producing your standard quote which uses today’s prices, we’ll produce a second quotation with the predicted start date prices. The additional admin fee for this is £50+VAT on top of the standard estimate fee. Alternatively, you can come back to us many months (even a year or so!) after your initial quote once your client finally gives you the nod to go head. And we will put together an updated quote with the latest material prices. The cost is 20% of the original estimate fee or a minimum of £100+VAT.

Value engineering – all part of the service

A grand description for an important service that we’re not aware of any other national estimating services offering. Put simply, we know how tough it is for homeowners to commit to projects right now. If the quotation comes out noticeably over budget they’ll stall the project or never go ahead. And that’s why we can help the builder before or after the estimate has been submitted by tweaking prices to get closer to the homeowner’s budget. We can recommend a more cost-effective product or material for instance, and keep adjusting and adjusting until we get there. If wholesale changes need to be made then we can agree a small fee for nailing an acceptable price (within reason!). Do you know of any other Estimating Services offering that?

Full management documents plus a 3D model

We go the extra mile in our level of service. We want to help our customers work more efficiently once they have won the job! That is why we provide:

  • Detailed cost reports by Build Phase and Resource Type
  • Schedules (materials/labour/plant) by Build Phase and by Resource Type
  • Suggested build program Gantt charts
  • Quotes for your client including your mark-up and the schedule of estimate assumptions we’ve made. This is so you’re crystal clear on what’s been included in your estimate.

Some Estimating Services provide a ‘what you see is what you get’ type of estimating service. Some services can produce more reports but they usually charge extra for these.  With HBXL’s Estimating Service, all management documents are included at no extra charge – another reason why ours is the best construction estimating service you can get!

We even offer a 3D model with new builds, extensions and some loft conversion projects – at no extra cost. This gives our customers a real edge when they present their estimate.

What next?

We’re very confident that we provide the best option for builders and developers… We’re so confident, in fact, that we’d like you to put us through our paces! Get the ball rolling by giving us a call on 0117 916 7894.

The only thing we need from you is a full set of your building plans and we can get to work. No site visit is needed – your designated estimator will call you if more details are required. This will allow you to continue with another job or even take some time off, safe in the knowledge that your estimate is on its way!

Don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 916 7894 or email, to find out more about how we can provide your estimates.