Now you can present 3D models of extensions and new builds

Imagine showing your customers 3D models of their dream extensions or new builds. And better still, free with your accurate, professional-looking customer quotation. They say a picture paints a thousand words, well in this case it could help you win the work. Take a look at a sample project and various 3D images further down the page. You’ll agree they look really impressive!

Give your customer 3D models with their extensions quotations…

… and new builds, and loft conversions. HBXL Estimating Service now offers a set of 3D models with appropriate new builds, extensions and loft conversion projects – at no extra cost. This could really give you the edge when you come to present your estimate. Who wouldn’t be impressed by a building firm that goes the extra mile to help the customer envisage their project – without be asked to!

And when we say ‘appropriate’ we simply mean that we review the plans before advising on the feasibility of a 3D model. It’s decided on a project by project basis. We don’t usually produce 3D models of renovations, or the existing building that an extension is being built onto. Of course if you want us to add embellishment then we can agree an hourly fee.

There are plenty of other reasons for using our service, from the comprehensive estimate pack to the efficient service, from the accurate software to the industry knowledge of our estimators, from the latest material prices we use to the value engineering service we offer. Take a look at our guide to outsourcing.

Check out the cost for our estimate packs

There’s no obligation to go ahead when you enquire about the fee for producing your estimate. So why not give Becki a call on 0117 916 7894 or email or upload your full set of plans to our plans uploader on the website. And you’ll soon discover the benefits of outsourcing your estimates when you have your 3D models for your customers’ new builds, extensions and loft conversions.

3D model exterior

3D model drone view

3D model side

3D model interior

3D model interior doors