Estimating service popular with builders

Estimating Service popular with builders

A new estimating service popular with builders is growing fast due to speedy and accurate estimates. It’s so popular it’s already been used to provide quotes worth in excess of £40 million.

The Estimating Service was launched by HBXL so that builders wanting to know how much a project will cost could do so without having to spending huge amounts of their own time working out the quote.

Perfect for those who are either short of time, are needed on site or don’t want to let tenders start to pile up, all that’s required is a set of plans of the project which will be used to work out the cost by a team of expert estimators using HBXL’s EstimatorXpress software.

With users already including Jewson and Sarah Beeny’s ‘Double Your House For Half The Price’ TV show whether it’s an extension, new build, garage or loft conversion that needs pricing up builders can let someone else do it for them – quickly and accurately.

It is also handy for pricing up complicated projects or at specific times of the year when the builder needs to be on site or is away on holiday.

Joanna Mulgrew, marketing director at HBXL said: “The popularity of the service shows that builders are making the most of new technology that is tailor made specifically for them.

“As a result those who have used the service are able to spend more time on site or relaxing and enjoying some leisure time rather than spending time putting together the quote themselves.

“Research shows that users of EstimatorXpress win more work and have a higher win to quote ratio, meaning that outsourcing estimates like this could be the difference between staying afloat or going bust!

“We have hit 100 per cent of delivery deadlines and it’s proving so popular we’re now taking on board more estimators to cope with demand.”

The service works with the estimator inputting the dimensions form the plans into EstimatorXpress which then works out the estimate.

The builder will receive a detailed report outlining a summary of the project’s cost, detailed cost breakdown for materials, plant and labour, detailed cost breakdown of each build phase, cash flow projection and a timeline of when each part of the project will take place.

Turnaround depends on the project type and size, with small jobs taking three to four days and larger jobs seven to 10 days

Joanna added: “As well as saving time and generating accurate quotes there are many other reasons for using this service.

“Prudent builders looking to steal a march on their rivals and impress customers are realising the effectiveness of this service and those not wanting to be left behind really do need to think about how they present themselves and their quotes to prospective customers.

“Many builders are concentrating so hard on simply pulling in business on a hand-to-mouth basis they are neglecting to make full use of this unique service.

“It is simple, great value and gives complete peace of mind acting like a reliable extension of their team. This allows builders to really get to grips with the cost of any project from the start.

“EstimatorXpress has proven its worth over the years. Our users win more work and because no aspect of the build programme is missed and the prices used are from that day’s lists ensures complete accuracy in all estimate.

“Putting these advantages together means more work, better profit margins and a growing business. No other service can provide the level of detail we can and no other service is as accurate.”
Prices range from just £79 for a garage, £140 for an extension or loft conversion and £199 for a new build.