Our exposé on inaccurate quoting

A builder using our HBXL’s EstimatorXpress software and Estimating Service, was offered a free estimate by his local builders’ merchant. The deal involved the fee being returned to him if he went on to buy the materials from them.

So, curious, he decided to get them to price the job – he reasoned that even if he had to pay for the quote it was inexpensive.

When the quote was provided he was surprised at the final figure. In particular, the roof at £12K looked really cheap. Feeling uneasy he used EstimatorXpress to price it himself. The difference was shocking…

Instead of £12K for the roof as he’d been quoted, the cost came to £25K. That’s not just a few percent out – that’s a whopping 50% he could have been out of pocket by! In fact with a number of other missing items – the whole quote was out by 50%.

He reported his findings to us, and the builders’ merchant. They were horrified and after further investigation, withdrew the service from their branch. This was a service they were outsourcing in good faith to a national estimating company. Whilst this builder had an unsatisfactory experience, there are of course other good estimating companies providing services to builders’ merchants, and Est-E-Mate (South West) Ltd are one excellent example.

So what’s our point? And how can you be sure that we’re any more reliable?

Well our estimators’ pay isn’t linked to hitting a target of X number of quotes a day, which naturally risks corners being cut.

The team spends whatever time it takes to get customer quotes spot on. We’ve listed other reasons here, including the fact that we use experienced estimators, award-winning EstimatorXpress software, and up-to-date material prices.

Yes there are services that are cheaper than ours (and we’ve chosen not to name names here) but it could be a false economy. 100% accuracy could save you money (and make you money) in the long run. It’s worth interrogating your preferred service to understand their procedures, and also the software systems that are being used.

Why not have a chat with Ian at the HBXL Estimating Service on 0117 916 7894 or look round the website in the meantime.

You can also upload your plans here for us to assess and advise a fee for you.

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