Helping you succeed: The Power of Professional Estimating

You can’t beat the power of professional estimating. Builders today face a whole load of challenges that extend far beyond the construction site. In the competitive world of renovations, extensions and loft conversions, time is precious, and every opportunity counts. Yet, amid the demands of overseeing projects, managing teams, and ensuring quality craftsmanship, many builders find themselves stretched extremely thinly when it comes to estimating and quoting for new projects.

The struggle is real: juggling busy schedules, spending precious nights and weekends crunching numbers, and the constant worry of profitability slipping away due to overlooked details – it takes its toll. And getting behind schedule due to late material ordering can further compound these challenges.

But fear not, the solution lies in HBXL’s professional estimating service tailored specifically for the busy builder. Here’s how our service is a game-changer – a huge great power pack.

Removing the burden of quoting:

Have you ever missed out on promising projects due to the lack of time to provide accurate quotes, especially when the jobs are more complex? Our professional estimators, equipped with a construction background, will step in to alleviate this pressure. By using dedicated estimators, you can focus on your core expertise, knowing that accurate, detailed quotations are being prepared.

Help when time is money:

You didn’t choose this profession to spend countless hours immersed in number-crunching. By outsourcing your estimating you can reclaim your nights and weekends, redirect your energy to where your skills are best utilised – managing projects, ensuring superior craftsmanship, and maintaining good relations with your customers.

Increasing profitability:

The risk of underquoting is a worrying one. Missed items in plans, fewer materials than are actually needed, or miscalculating labour hours can erode profitability. Our professional estimators, using industry-leading estimating software, are committed to getting the quote right rather than rushing it out. All in all, your HBXL estimator calculates the full cost of the job so that you make the money you deserve.

Staying ahead of schedule:

Organisation is key. Timely procurement of materials is crucial to prevent delays. With your estimate, you receive a material schedule, so you know what you need, when you need it so you can order materials well in advance, and negotiate the best price possible.

Gaining the competitive edge: Presentation is key in winning jobs when you’re up against multiple competitors. Having accurate, detailed quotations and even 3D models will set you apart from the rest. Your proposals will be more compelling and attractive to potential clients. Find out about 3D models here.

Management reports to help with the admin:

As well as giving you an accurate estimate you receive a comprehensive package of reports and schedules, including breakdowns of costs by phase and resource type, and a Build Programme.

Want some professional estimating? What to do next.

Our highly professional estimating service provides a lifeline for countless building firms across the UK. By outsourcing this critical task to experts, you can refocus your efforts on the projects themselves, secure in the knowledge that your quotes have been carefully produced, are totally accurate and reflect their true value – priming you for success.

So let us give you a no-obligation quote for producing the estimate for your next job. It isn’t  just a smart choice; it’s a strategic investment in sustained growth and profitability! Call Becki on 0117 916 7894 or email or upload your full set of plans to our plans uploader on the website.