Did you know?

Maybe you’ve already had an estimate from us and will know that we produce quality estimates, but did you know what else is included in your estimate pack? Here are some ideas on how to get the most out of our service.

Use your reports to the max

HBXL Estimating Service should be called HBXL Estimating-quotation-build programme-management reports-builder letter-cost reports Service and that’s just the Essential Service!

We are so much more than just an estimate as every pack comes stuffed with reports and documents to help you win the project (53% of our estimates win the work) and then save you time, money and effort.

  • Detailed cost reports by Build Phase and by Resource Type
  • Detailed schedules (materials/labour/plant) by Build Phase and by Resource Type
  • Suggested build program Gantt chart
  • Quotation for your client including your mark up (as an editable MS Word file)
  • Schedule of estimate assumptions we’ve made so you’re absolutely clear on what’s been included in your estimate

Improve your win rate, your accuracy and profit with a comprehensive package from us! Check out all that you get below.


Offset all your fees in you quote

Not many builders or developers realise this but when you use a professional service you can incorporate the cost of your estimate and any other professional fees INTO the estimate. So when you win the work you will in effect get your estimate for free!

Not only this but if you tell us any other professional services you have used i.e. lawyers or surveyors we will list them alongside our fee, in the quote or absorb them into the building cost. With these costs absorbed by the client then you can protect your profits.

We’ll make it personal to you

We are YOUR service, working in partnership with you. Therefore we think you’ll agree that it should be your name, company logo and details on all quotes, client letters etc. We’ll add these features to help you present the professional touch that your company deserves!

On top of this we will use YOUR labour rates and markups and once we have them and your logos we will use them for every estimate you have with us unless you want us to do otherwise. This may be one reason we have a 93% return customer rate!

Success stories

“I used the Estimating Service to estimate for a very complex job…The end result was both accurate and very in keeping with the image we are looking to present” Charles OKell, Director of UK Pro Build.

If you are interested in using us and making the most of all the advantages of getting your estimate from us why not give us a call on 0117 9167894 or drop us an email to discuss your next estimate.

If you would like to talk to us about any of our other professional services don’t hesitate to call or email on the above details. Or you could check out more information on the Plans ServiceHealth & Safety Service and Contracts Service.