Award winning estimating service

At HBXL Estimating Service, we believe the best praise we can get is from our users. This is why we are so proud of our user reviews and our estimating service survey results! On top of this we are happy to say that we have been recognised for the service we provide and our methods for producing our accurate estimates. Read on to find out the details…

Award winning estimating softwareaward-winning-estimating-service-medal

First of all, one of the main reasons HBXL Estimating Service is so popular with UK builders and developers is the quality and accuracy of our estimates. In a recent survey we found:

  • 100% of users were satisfied with their estimates
  • 100% of users received their estimates within deadline
  • The majority of our users experienced their win rate more than doubled!

One factor contributing to this success is the combination of our experienced estimators and our multi-award winning estimating software, EstimatorXpress.

EstimatorXpress is the UK’s market leading estimating software for builders and developers produced by our sister company, HBXL Building Software. In 2016 alone, EstimatorXpress won three awards and the software was also nominated for several more. Plus, EstimatorXpress has already been nominated for a couple of awards in 2017, watch this space! Follow the link if you want to read more about why EstimatorXpress has been so well received.

Award winning service

Secondly, As part of the HBXL Group, HBXL Estimating Service is committed to providing the highest quality customer service. You will not be surprised then to hear that we have been recognised for this level of care. This dedication to our users is found across all the companies in the HBXL Group.

HBXL have been awarded the ‘Excellence in Customer Service 2016’ award by software industry specialists’ magazine, Softech. We have been rigorously analysed as a company inside out to discover that we are worthy of this award. HBXL are hugely proud of this accolade as we place customer service as a top priority in the way we operate, aiming to work alongside our builder users as an extension of their own building firm. We feel this award supports and confirms our already gleaming user testimonials.

Lloyds Bank National Business awards finalist

HBXL were happy to be included in the running for a Lloyds National Business Award 2016 in the category of Vonage Business Enabler of the Year. This means that HBXL products and services have been recognised for how they help builders and developers nationwide to increase their profit, improve their efficiency, win more business and all with less time and effort spent. We are disappointed not to have won but we are also very pleased to have been considered for such a prestigious award and to have been competing with other fantastic companies across the UK.

Despite being unable to clinch the top spot, Lloyds Bank gave us some quality feedback of that covered our approach to innovation, ethics, customer engagement, staff engagement and leadership. Some of the most noteworthy highlights of this praise include:

“HBXL demonstrate they understand the importance of the customer [and] customer satisfaction measures inform the organisational structure and drive improvement”

“…they operate at an ethical level which exceeds conformance to legal and professional requirements”

“HBXL recognise the imperative of creativity and innovation as drivers of competitive operational advantage and are actively engaged in developing new things”

Talk to us about how are award winning estimating service can help you

Want to know more about why HBXL Estimating Service is so well revered by users and judging panels alike? Do you need more information on what makes us an award winning estimating service? Give us a call on 0117 9167894 or drop us an email to and we’ll be happy to tell you more. If you’ve heard enough and want to send us an estimate, follow this link to find out How to Order.