Why building firms want a quick benchmark estimate

Want an accurate indication of the cost of a building job without having the full works? The HBXL Estimating Service offers a ‘light touch’ benchmark estimate. It gives you a useful gauge of your overall build costs – and is definitely a cost-effective way to price up a project to help you or the customer get an idea of the bottom line.

We say ‘light touch’ but the same expertise and latest software we use to create our detailed estimate reports is applied to this service too.

Download a sample HBXL Estimating Service Benchmark Report >>

What does the Benchmark Report include?

Your Benchmark Report will give you a price against every phase. That’s from the site set-up to the external decoration and everything in between! Drains, scaffolding, joinery, plumbing, roof tiling… they’re all in the calculations. All that’s left is for you to add your overheads and profit-mark-up. Do note however that we don’t review your specification in detail and you won’t get an itemised cost breakdown.

Where do the numbers come from?

This Benchmark service is based on real data generated from over £0.6bn projects that we’ve previously estimated. We select from similar projects that have been given the full works for a full estimate. Essentially, it will tell you whether the job is in the right ballpark based on a budget that the customer has available.

Next stop a full estimate

Once you’re ready for the next stage, we’d recommend the full estimate. There are too many variables to stop at a preliminary estimate. There’s the level of specification, complexity of job, build methods, ground conditions, access, material and labour prices and how effectively the project is managed. And of course you get the detailed cost breakdown, build program, materials schedules for ‘just in time’ ordering, cashflow, your professional customer quotation and more!

What next?

Your Benchmark Estimate is just £149+VAT. Give us a call on 0117 916 7894, email services@hbxl.co.uk or upload your plans to the website here.