Estimating service lets builder’s enjoy their summer holidays

Maintain your workload whilst on holiday

Time pressed builders worried that they’ll lose out on future work because of the summer holidays are being advised to make the most of a service that will produce their estimates while they’re away.

It means builders will be able to enjoy some much deserved down time, safe in the knowledge that as soon as they return home there will be a fully completed estimate pack with professional quote ready and waiting which they’ll be able to send off to expectant clients.

Forming part of HBXL’s Professional Services suite, the estimating service is ideal for those needing costs for work such as extensions, new builds, garages or loft conversions.

Detailing what’s required right down to the very last screw. The accuracy of the service means nothing is missed and is a great way for builders to prepare an estimate. As well as, project what they are likely to make.

With 90% of building projects going over budget, the availability of this new service also means builders will be able to work out the likely profit margin before they start.

To make use of the service all builders have to do is send the plans to HBXL where expert estimators price it quickly and accurately.

The builder, upon their return from their holiday, will have received a detailed estimate report pack outlining a summary of the project’s cost, detailed cost breakdown for materials, plant and labour, cost breakdown of each build phase, cash flow projection and a build program for when each part of the project will take place.

Joanna Mulgrew product director at HBXL said: “We all know that producing quotes and estimates still takes out the most time in any single day and to produce a totally accurate estimate for more complicated projects can and does in some instances take up a whole day – possibly more if the plans are particularly taxing such as an extension combined with internal alterations or a loft conversion.

“Many builders think they simply don’t have the time to price up accurately the cost of a build so are even less inclined to take a break.

“So for canny builders wanting to enjoy a summer break this service is the ideal solution to ensure the pipeline of work keeps flowing while they sit back, relax and put their feet up for a week or two.

“To neglect using a service which could expedite the time builders spend poring over estimates doesn’t sound like good business sense.

“The only thing it doesn’t do is book a holiday, but with the time saved, builders will be able to take a good look at where to go to enjoy their time off!”

For those who still need convincing a survey conducted in May revealed that customers were 100 per cent satisfied with the estimates produced, while 100 per cent of estimates were returned on time.

As for the remaining six per cent, the only reason they wouldn’t recommend the service was because it provided them with a huge competitive edge. Thus, they didn’t want to give away a trade secret!

94 per cent of those surveyed said they would recommend the service while the level of detail and accuracy were cited as being the top reasons for using the service as it helped customers win more work and improved their win rate.

Prices start at £79 for a Garage and £99 for an extension.

For further information please email or call on 0117 9167894