The HBXL Estimating Service for internal works and extensions

Estimating Service for internal works and extensions helps builders provide professional estimates whilst busy elsewhere.

One of the many benefits of using the HBXL Estimating Service for internal works and extensions estimating is that builders and developers can get their 100% accurate estimates and quotes produced whilst they are working elsewhere.

Builders can rest assured they are getting a professional estimate, quote and all the required reports completed in a fast turnaround,. Leaving them free to get their own work done, or even take a well-earned break!

Estimating internal works

Often, estimating service jobs include internal works to existing structures as part of  larger job. This includes internal works such as:

  • Structural openingsestimating service for internal works and extensions for builders
  • Reconfiguring walls
  • New room layouts
  • New doorways
  • New ensuites
  • New Staircases (as part of a loft conversion)
  • Internal decoration

With the HBXL Estimating Service for internal works and extensions this is made easy with a combined scopes estimate so that all costs considered for both jobs are included in one, clear estimate.

How can we provide 100% accurate estimates with a super-fast turnaround?

The secret is a combination of over 155 years of building knowledge. And powerful estimating software designed specifically for the construction industry.

Our building specialists have mostly run their own building companies. Therefore, know first-hand what builders and developers need with their estimates. Thus,  you can be sure that they know their way around an internal works / extension estimate!


They also know the importance of returning an estimate to a potential client quickly and accurately which is where the software comes in. thus, all our quotes and estimates are produced using EstimatorXpress from our sister company HBXL Building Software which means we can guarantee our estimates are 100% accurate and produced with the shortest turnaround time possible – in our last survey 100% of our estimates were returned by the customer’s deadline.

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