Shortage of estimators in the construction industry

Shortage of estimators in the UK construction industry

There is an industry shortage of estimators and other skilled construction workers as a result of a period of continued growth in construction industry activity according to a study by One Way Resourcing. Builders are also warned to expect a rise in the price of materials, labour and plant – more information on this can be found in the HBXL Professional Services News feed.

High demand skilled jobs

The report by One Way Resourcing states that estimators  are one of five high demand jobs that are noting an industry shortage across the construction and housebuilding sectors. Mike Ward, One Way Resourcing Director explains how the construction industry are already experiencing shortages for skilled workers, such as estimators. This is only going to increase with the need for affordable housing and demand for student accommodation and other types of property.

What’s the reason for a shortage in estimators ?

As mentioned skilled labour such as estimators  has been in higher demand due to continuous growth in construction activity. This has stemmed from estimators leaving the sector during the recession and not returning as improvement in the economy and boosted construction output in 2015 resulting in higher demand coupled with an existing shortage of estimators .

The concern is that building projects will see a slowdown as the availability of estimators  leaves jobs in waiting queues. The fact is, if there are more construction jobs underway, more estimators are needed. Builders and developers who want to make the most of their margins by ensuring accurate estimates from the start rely on estimators and their expertise.

Where can builders and developers turn to get their estimates?

This is where the Estimating Service from HBXL comes in. Qualified building specialists who have over 155 years combined experience in the construction industry offer an affordable, quality and fast estimating service.

Providing builders and developers professional estimates nationwide since 2012, HBXL Estimating Service is a sure fire way of getting your 100% accurate estimates with almost no effort. We have already estimated over £205 Million worth of projects with average project values around £125, 000. Prices start from just £79+VAT, allowing builders to quote for more jobs without losing out on their own precious time. Vital when the industry is booming.

What makes the HBXL Estimating Service stand out?

The HBXL Estimating Service is unlike any other option for builders to get their estimates produced. With our service you will have your very own experienced building professional, who will work through your project from start to finish. All the work is done for you, with little effort on your part and no site visit required.

We are a service designed specifically for builders and developers BY builders and developers. Thus, we understand the needs of our customers. That is why our service has a fast turnaround to ensure you can get your professional quote in before the competition to help you win the job.

The expertise of our team is unrivalled and this wealth of knowledge is passed on to our builders to help with the project. We work with our builder clients to provide them a professional estimate so that they can benefit from our teams experience and hopefully win the job!

Ward also states that:

“The role hasn’t changed much, but the technology these professionals use has progressed a long way from the days of scribbling down on a piece of paper. Consequently, anyone looking to secure an estimator role needs to have at least some level of technical knowledge.”

All our estimators use the best estimating software available, EstimatorXpress, created by our sister company HBXL Building Software. This ensures that all our estimates are 100% accurate and have used the most up to date prices because EstimatorXpress comes with a live merchant price checker.

The bottom line

The Estimating Service was designed to make the lives of builders and developers who need professional, accurate estimates quickly without the effort so that they can focus on the job. At a time where there is high demand for estimators, growth in construction activity and rising material and labour prices, having a quality Estimating Service available is the best tool any builder or developer could hope for.