What makes HBXL the best Estimating Service?

Trying to decide what is the best estimating service to use or whether the HBXL Estimating Service is the right option for you? Want to know why 100% of our users would recommend our service?Best Estimating service

Let’s start with the fact that our customers more than double their win rate whilst saving themselves a huge amount of time and effort. They can also rest assured that they have outsourced to experienced, construction professionals who know the importance of returning an estimate on time. Our service adds more value to your estimates with the benefit of an industry experienced eye running over it, looking at your labour rates and providing useful consultation. Weighing up the options of quality Vs speed Vs cost can be difficult but at HBXL Estimating Service, we try to make our builder users lives simple. Take a look at the table and our Venn diagram to help you work out what your priorities are…

Feature HBXL Estimating Service Competitors
Turnaround We hit 100% of our deadlines to ensure you get the quote back to your client asap. Our average turnaround for small jobs is 3-4 days, larger jobs max 7-10 days. We confirm exactly when it will be returned before we start. Other companies may offer express turnarounds but this often means paying more for an ‘express service’ and accuracy suffers as a result. We believe that it is better to get the job done right the first time.
Accurate software that’s tried and trusted We exclusively use the UK’s leading estimating software. This means we can be confident that our quotes are incredibly accurate and very detailed. EstimatorXpress has been highly rated by users, producing over 500,000 estimates and winning at least three awards in 2016. We can safely say it is tried and trusted. Our competitors use their own bespoke software, which we don’t believe can provide the level of detail and accuracy EstimatorXpress can – nor has it been put through its paces to the same level.
Your own experienced building specialist Our estimators bring a crucial 155 years’ worth of building experience with most having run their own construction companies. Each job has one estimator assigned who will see the estimate through from start to finish. Our estimators take the time and care to offer general building advice at no extra cost that has saved users money. Using a cheaper take-off service like many of our competitors (rather than QS service) is a far less personal experience. “Estimators” at other companies often lack the construction industry experience and knowledge that we believe is necessary to provide accurate and detailed estimates. Other services sometimes spread a job over a variety of staff to meet deadline and due to low pricing do not have the time to speak with the customer to discuss the project. Unfortunately their staff are targeted to complete the job in order to move onto the next. Our goal is to help the customer win the work and make sure the estimate is worth the paper it’s written on.
Industry knowledge and consultation Our builder users get the added benefit of free consultation from our highly knowledgeable team of estimators. We take the time to talk our users through their project. This means that from the start both builder and estimator are on the same page as well as our estimators being able to offer sound advice from their own construction industry experience. What other competitor estimating services cannot offer is this combination of industry awareness AND importantly the consideration to offer advice where construction experience would see a potential problem arising. As mentioned, estimators at competitor estimating services may lack professional construction experience and due to this and time presures they are unlikely to take the time to raise a potential issue before it causes problems on site!
Personalised quote When you use the HBXL Estimating Service it is as if you produced the work yourself – just without the hassle! Our bespoke service can incorporate your labour rates and your typical mark-up. We use national average rates of buyable building materials so you can be sure your estimate is totally up to date with latest prices. Plus we can incorporate your company logo, together with your contact details and the clients so the quote is client ready as soon as you receive it! Our customers tell us they win over 56% of the jobs that we price up for them! Due to a lack of personal touch and necessity to churn out more estimates due to their lower prices, other services have to make lots of assumptions so the quality and accuracy of the estimate is poor! Quotes may require further work to add finer details of the job and your company look.
Labour rates and material prices review  As the HBXL Estimating Service incorporates your labour rates, material rates etc. we are also able offer a professional review. Our labour rates and material prices are the most accurate due to our unique position of  providing hundreds of estimates nationwide every year. This allows us to create a true picture of national and geographic averages. Our material prices are regularly updated using our Price Tracker TM, exclusive to HBXL Building Software.  Other services use standard labour rates and material prices which can mean inaccuracy and will certainly mean that your personal material rates agreed with your merchants will not be included. This may mean you’ll have to edit the estimate requiring added time and effort.
We’ll ensure you meet Building Reg’s! When we estimate your project we’ll ensure your specification meets the 2013 versions of the Approved Documents for Conservation of Fuel and Power (Part L) to make sure you don’t get any unexpected costs later on. Not sure what to say! None of our competitors do this!
Complete pack of management documents We don’t just go the extra mile in our level of service. We also want to help our customers work more efficiently once they have won the job! That is why we provide:
• Detailed cost reports by Build Phase and Resource Type
• Schedules (materials/labour/plant) by Build Phase and by Resource Type,
• Suggested build program Gantt chart
•Quotation for your client including your mark up, schedule of estimate assumptions we’ve made so you’re absolutely clear on what’s been included in your estimate.
With competitor estimating services what you see is what you get. Some services provide more reports for additional fees and may increase the turnaround time. With the HBXL Estimating Service all management docs are included at no extra charge. We offer seamless production of management docs generated directly from estimates to ensure accuracy.
End to end service The Estimating Service is part of HBXL Professional Services that can provide all the documentation required for a domestic construction project. We provide a Plans Service, Health & Safety Service, Contracts and SAP services that can all added to your estimate for the complete end-to-end package – and we have full PI cover for a worry free experience. We don’t know of any other service providers which offer the ‘full package’.

We are quietly confident that we provide the best option for builders and developers and we’d like you to put us through our paces – give us a call on 0117 916 7894. All we require of you is a copy of your building plans and we can get to work. No site visit required! Your designated estimator will call you if more details are required allowing you to continue with another job or even take some time off, safe in the knowledge that your estimate is on its way.

If you want to know more about how we can provide estimates and plans service for builders please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can call us on 0117 916 7894 or email estimatingservice@hbxl.co.uk