Estimating Specialists

Meet the estimating service team

Find out what a typical day for our estimating specialists consists of…

Our brilliant estimating service team are often referred to as the fast, friendly estimating service and we believe this is because they understand our clients and their needs as a result of their own building experience (155 years of experience between you and me).

Adrian Wild – Founder

Adrian is the founder of HBXL Building Software which is the sister company of the HBXL Estimating Service and the software from which all our estimators produce their customers estimates. Having over 20-plus years running a construction business; first as a builder then a developer Adrian realised that for the small to medium building firm to survive, let alone thrive, it would have to speed up and embrace technology and saw the need for HBXL as there was nothing else on the market like it. Now, HBXL Building Software helps thousands of builders across the UK – and through our team of construction specialists we provide HBXL Professional Services to deliver you a one stop shop for Plans, Estimates, Health & Safety documentationBuilding Contracts and Energy Performance & SAP Assessments.

Account and Operations Managers

Tom is our Operations Manager and is the crucial cog in making sure everything is running smoothly. As well as ensuring we return your estimates  bang on time. Organisation is his middle name.  But on top of managing a colourful group of building specialists he also assesses jobs and produces estimates!

A typical day for Ian our resident Account Manager is incredibly varied (and very, very busy talking with builders about their projects!). It usually starts with assessing sets of plans sent over by customers considering the service. Then measuring up and agreeing fees for the estimate.  Based on factors such as size and the level of detail (essential or premium service).

Once the job is assessed Ian returns the fee quotation to the building firm for them to okay the cost and supplies them with an Estimate Order Form (Essential or Premium)  which asks some important questions about the client’s project, the typical rates they pay their labour, and anything of note specification wise. When the estimate has been given the go-ahead Ian will assign the job to one of the building specialists. Then, he will put the team member and customer in touch to start on their estimate (remember all of this is done via the phone and emails, site visit is not crucial).

From there Ian will keep a watchful eye on how the job is progressing to ensure the estimate is turned around back to the customer within the deadline (which they do extremely well if we don’t mind saying so ourselves as in our last survey (May 2016) 100% of our estimates met their deadlines according to the customer!)

Then a few days later Ian likes to check in with the customer, make sure they are happy with the estimate (100% satisfaction rating for our estimates in the last survey) and ultimately to find out if they were successful in winning the job. Currently the win rate for builders using our service is 56%.

It’s very satisfying to know our estimates have contributed to a customer winning the job. That’s what all the hard work is for.  And at the end of the day we see it as working in partnership with the builder. So it’s our success too!” Ian Clark- Account Manager

The Estimators

We have well over 100 years construction experience between our three building specialists alone plus heaps of character!

Simon Wild – ‘Senior’ Estimator is, as his name and title suggests Adrian’s brother and our most experienced estimator. Though he doesn’t much like a title that alludes to his age. We think it is important to demonstrate a quality ‘been around the block’ attribute.

Like Adrian, Simon had his own home extension company so he knows first-hand the importance of a fast turnaround. But the necessity for 100% accuracy. There’s no point winning a job if you end up eating into your profits because of a lack of accuracy.

That is unless you use the fast and 100% accurate estimating service that meets their deadlines every time and using HBXL Estimating Software can assure that everything has been considered, even wastage, inflation and security.

A typical day for Simon is very busy. He not only produces estimates but he is also part of our new Plans Service team. Putting together building plans for both building firms and self-build customers’ extensions.

All our estimators have the unique advantage of having owned and managed their own construction businesses. Therefore see the world from a builder’s point of view.

Tony has been in the building trade since 1966. He set up his own business and started using HBXL software to speed up his building operations. He knows from experience that HBXL’s comprehensive quotes are good – they certainly won him work!

Both Darren and Paul are subcontractors. Because they currently run their own firms having worked in the construction sector for 20 and 26 years respectively. Clearly they all have a vested interest in the construction otherwise they wouldn’t have stuck around so long! This is why they love to talk with their clients about the jobs they’re estimating for. Some love talking more than others **cough Tony cough**

I mock but this friendly, interested attitude is part of what makes our estimating service so successful. As well as, having got into genuine conversations, our estimators have often shared their pearls of wisdom with their clients to great effect!

At the end of the day

When the day of plans assessing,  estimating, plans drawing, advice giving and general HBXL Estimating Service team hard work is through, the guys go home thinking about the jobs they have been working on with their fingers genuinely crossed for their clients. Everyone is hoping the next time they speak to their customer it’s to the happy tune of a builder who has just landed the job with their quality shining through a professional estimate.

If you would like to know more about the Estimating Service and what the estimating specialists team can do for you, don’t hesitate to give us a ring for a quick chat on 01179167894 or drop us an email.