Think health and safety doesn’t apply to you? Think again!

Health and safety law applies to ALL businesses – no matter how small! And with construction ranking near the top of the dangerous jobs list, it’s important to make sure precautions are taken – every step of the way.

Unsafe Highs: working at height

Working at height: The need to know facts With falls from height on small building sites remaining one of the most common causes of workplace fatalities, work that seems to present a lower level of risk needs greater attention with regard to proper health and safety measures. That’s the view of Joanna Mulgrew, director at…

Isn’t my business too small to worry about health and safety?

Even small businesses have a duty of care to keep their employees and the public safe on site as well as legal requirements to undertake certain paperwork.

Hidden costs of poor health & safety cripples British builders

Costs of poor health & safety end up costing British builders Not enough build firms are fully aware of the hidden, uninsured costs of poor health and safety on site. That’s the view of experts at build software specialist firm HBXL, who are urging those in charge of site safety to brush up on the…

Estimating service ideal solution for self builders wanting accurate view on cost

Self- builders wanting to get an accurate view on how much their dream home will cost can take advantage of a new time-saving service.   The HBXL Estimating Service is the latest innovation from the leading building software developer that will provide self-builders not only with a totally accurate idea on how much a project…

Rise in material costs impacts builder’s profits

With the economy continuing to improve, builders are being advised to keep a keen eye on their margins or risk making a loss due to rise in material costs. The marked rise in material costs is as a result of demand outstripping supply across the build sector, with building contractors in particular seeing cost inflation eroding profits….