Stress in construction

Construction doesn’t have to be stressful with help from the HBXL Estimating Service

As a builder and developer for over 30 years, I know all about how running a construction company is a stressful job. First-hand I have experienced the pressure and demands that are constantly resting on the shoulders of anyone in the construction industry. Especially with producing estimates build plans, health & safety and build contract documents. This is where HBXL Professional Services came in.

The current situation of stress in construction work

In a recent study ECIS, (the employee benefits company for the construction industry), found that 39% of the construction workers surveyed felt their building companies were under increased pressure to fulfil contracts compared to the previous year.

Stress affecting construction workers work life balancestress-in-constructions

The work/life balance is one of the hardest parts of running a building firm. Working an 8-5 day and then late into the night on estimates and quotes, trying to keep all the right building contracts and health and safety documentation in place, it’s a wonder how anyone copes.

In 2015 many people working in the construction industry saw their balance dominated by work with 31% of those surveyed by ECIS saying they regularly work evenings and weekends and 80% saying they felt more pressure to do so than in the previous year.

Is it ever enough?

Not only are builders and developers working longer and harder hours but 64% are finding that they are having to turn work away and 36% have had to turn to unskilled labour in order to complete contracts.

How to address stress levels

Having stressed out over these exact dilemmas, running myself into the ground and the agony of having to turn away work I was struck by the need for something to help builders and developers like myself.

From this frustration I created HBXL Building Software and from that came HBXL Professional Services. Designed specifically to reduce the time and effort spent builders and developers spend estimating and producing all the other documentation required, the Estimating Service can guarantee 100% accuracy and a fast turnaround so that our users can compete for and win more work.

Outsourcing the process means our builder users can produce quality estimates in a fraction of the time whilst allowing them to focus on the actual building. Prices start from just £79+VAT and our estimators can incorporate this cost into the quote as a professional service just like recruiting a QS or PM.

Our users can offload the stress and burden of working late into the night on their estimates, produce quality estimates at competitive prices and find they win more work. (In a recent survey 56% of the estimates we produce win the work and the majority of respondents said their win rate more than doubled).

The job winning package

Not only that, but HBXL Professional Services provide our users with the option of the complete package. Impressive plans and 3d models to help win over a client, as well as clear and professional health & safety and building contract documents to encourage a relationship of trust and responsibility with potential clients.

Have a no-obligation chat with one of our team today! 

It’s simple. Our users have shown that they can outsource their estimates and other required documentation to relieve day-today stresses and allow them to focus on the job AND win more work.

It’s a no brainer. If you would like to speak to one of the team, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0117 9167894 or drop us an email. We’re always happy to talk.